What to Expect at an Illinois Formal Driver’s License Reinstatement Hearing

The Illinois Formal Driver’s License Reinstatement Hearing can be a daunting experience if you are not adequately prepared.  Erin Birt, an Illinois Driver’s License Reinstatement Attorney as well as a licensed DUI service provider, understands the Illinois Formal Driver’s License Reinstatement Hearing process from both a legal and DUI evaluator perspective. Such a perspective greatly benefits her clients and provides them with the best chance for success at an Illinois Formal Driver’s License Reinstatment Hearing.

An Illinois Formal Reinstatement Hearing may look like the following scenario:

Mike, who has three (3) previous Alcohol related DUI convictions lost his license and Illinois driving privileges in his early twenties.  He is now married, has a steady job, and is a father.  He would like to request that the Illinois Secretary of State reinstate his driving privileges so that he can apply for promotions at his job and adequately care for his family. He has hired Erin Birt as his Illinois Driver’s License Reinstatement Attorney because he was denied reinstatement when he appeared alone at his last hearing.

After Erin prepared his petition, obtained a hearing date, and spent several appointments to prepare and to review Mike’s documents, such as his updated Uniform Evaluation Report, Mike is ready for his scheduled formal hearing.

On the morning of the scheduled Formal Illinois Reinstatement Hearing, Mike and Erin arrive early at the Secretary of State Formal Hearing Office on State Street in Chicago, IL.  While waiting, Erin offers Mike professional support and is available to answer any of Mike’s questions.

Once Mike’s name is called, he and Erin proceed to one of the formal hearing rooms.  In the formal hearing room, there will be a conference table, an Illinois Secretary of State attorney, and the formal hearing officer.

To begin the hearing, the Hearing Officer will ask that Mike raise his right  hand to receive the swearing-in oath.  After the oath, the Secretary of State attorney will address the Hearing Officer and inform the officer of any past hearings and the outcomes and he  or she will list the various documents that will be offered into evidence.

Next, Erin will be provided an opportunity to identify and offer certain documents into evidence.  At this point, either attorney can object to a document or inform the Hearing Officer that there is no objection. If there are no objections, the Hearing Officer will be permitted to review all documents when considering his or her recommendation to the Secretary of State.

Next, Erin will proceed by asking Mike, the main witness, a series of questions.  The questions may relate to the following topics (will be different for every case):

1. Name and Background information;

2. Identify Driver’s License in Illinois or out of state & and any out of state arrests;

3. Explain previous hearings and denials;

4. What has occured since the last hearing when you were denied reinstatement;

5. Discuss evaluation (information accurate, what discrepancies, what is conclusion of evaluation, etc);

6. How many DUI’s (and a description of each);

7. Drinking history & Drinking Patterns;

8. Symptoms of Dependence or Abuse, why or why not;

9. Description of Treatment Experience;

10. Description of support group, if applicable, and future plans.

Next, the Illinois Secretary of State Attorney will be given an opportunity to ask Mike questions which may be about the specific details of his DUI’s, drinking patterns, support groups, medical recommendations, evaluator recommendations, whether Mike can be a safe driver, and Mike’s future plans for remaining a safe driver.

If Mike has not been very clear during his testimony, the Illinois Formal Hearing Officer may ask clarification questions.  This should be expected and an experienced Illinois Driver’s License Reinstatement Attorney will either prepare a client so that clarification questions are not necessary or so that the client is able to sufficiently answer any question posed by the Hearing Officer.

After all documents are entered and all testimony is provided, the Illinois Formal Hearing Officer will explain to Mike that the matter will be taken under advisement and that Mike will be notified of the recommendation and outcome via regular mail.

It is important to review the evaluation and supplemental documentation needed at an Illinois Formal Reinstatement Hearing with an experienced attorney so that testimony will be clear, accurate and relevant.  It is also important to work honestly with your evaluator and be open to self disclosure during your evaluation.  The Uniform Report Evaluation is extremely important and heavily relied upon by an Illinois Formal Hearing Officer.

For additional information, please view our video about Illinois Secretary of State Formal Driver’s License Hearings.

If you are in need of a Uniform Report Evaluation for your upcoming Illinois Driver’s License Reinstatement Hearing, please contact The Birt Group, to schedule your evaluation.  An evaluation appointment takes approximately two hours and you will need at least 24 hours for administrative purposes to obtain a copy of the evaluation.  We also offer expedited services (less than 24 hours) for a small fee.

To schedule an appointment and retain Erin Birt as an Illinois Driver’s License Reinstatement Hearing Attorney, please contact her at (630) 891-2478 or Contact Us privately via our website and you will receive a prompt response.





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