What Happens in DuPage County DUI Treatment?

What happens in DuPage County DUI Treatment?

DUI Treatment will address the reasons for the DUI arrest as well as any co-existing issues with family, relationships, spirituality, mental health, physical health, education, employment, and legal matters.  Treatment will also help offenders develop a prevention plan in order to reduce the chance of being arrested for DUI a second or subsequent time and to further protect the public.

Treatment is required for offenders that have been evaluated as a Significant Risk or a High Risk.  Significant Risk Treatment includes 10 hours of DUI Risk Education, 20 hours of DUI Treatment, and 6 months of continuing care services.  High Risk Treatment includes 75 hours of DUI Treatment and 1 year of continuing care.

The Birt Group, Inc. offers DUI services in Wheaton, Illinois. We are licensed by the Illinois Department of Human Services, Division of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse and we are also listed as an Authorized and Approved Service Provider of the 18th Judicial Circuit Court.

Our services approved for any DUI arrest in Illinois, subject to County Local Court Rules.  Contact us today to learn about our payment options and to start services.  The earlier you start, the earlier you finish.


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