DUI, Alcohol Abuse in the News

Arrests for drug or alcohol related offenses peak during the summer months (4th of July) and the winter months of November, December, and January. As the dangers of DUIs and drug use increases this holiday season, one only needs to read the local newspaper to be reminded of the consequences and repercussions of drug use (which includes alcohol as alcohol is a drug) and driving.

Within the last two weeks, The Daily Herald published at least 13 articles that include several illustrations of the consequences and repercussions of drug use and driving.  Unfortunately the articles summarize horrible consequences such as death, serious injury, broken families, and lengthy jail sentences.

DUIs and the resulting consequences are preventable. Don’t drink and drive, no one is safe.  If drinking is likely to occur, hire a cab or alternate transportion and schedule a pick up time before you start drinking. If you or someone you know needs assistance with learning coping skills in order to attend a holiday gathering without consuming alcohol, please contact The Birt Group at 630-891-2478 to speak with a professional certified alcohol and other drug counselor.

Below are some of the articles published by The Daily Herald within the last two weeks:

*Wheaton man pleads not guilty to soliciting murders of judge, three others; this man is in prison for 10 DUIs

*Aurora woman pleads guilty in crash that killed St. Charles couple; this woman was charged with aggravated DUI

*Man with 11 DUI arrests gets 20 years in prison

*One-year prison term for Elgin man convicted of driving on a suspended or revoked license; this man was convicted of a DUI in 2000 – shows that consequences will follow you regardless of time

*Glendale Heights man gets 18 years for sixth DUI

*U.S. Aviation Chief Babbitt Resigns After Weekend DUI Arrest

*C. Ind. district fires bus driver after DUI arrest

*Driver charged with DUI after crash with squad car on I-88

*Palatine man gets jail time in DUI accident case

*St. Charles man charged with aggravated battery after bar fight

*Palatine police report traffic arrests, violations; this article discusses citations issued during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend

*Hanover Park man gets 18 months after fourth arrest

*Arlington Hgts. reports holiday traffic citations



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