Counseling Services

The Birt Group, located in Wheaton, Illinois, offers the following private comprehensive alcohol and drug counseling and intervention services for adults:

  • Comprehensive assessment for alcohol and drug abuse;
  • Alcohol and Drug Evaluations;
  • Alcohol and Drug Risk Education;
  • Early Intervention Counseling;
  • Scheduled Intervention – The Birt Group does not practice ambush interventions;
  • Alcohol and Drug Counseling Outpatient Treatment;
  • Relapse Prevention Support;
  • Art Therapy Groups;
  • Assistance with reinstatement of driving privileges for alcohol or drug dependent individuals (i.e. letter from independent source confirming abstinence from alcohol and drugs).

Change is always possible. It starts with positive professional and confidential support. The Birt Group staff are experienced in the areas of alcohol & drug counseling and dual diagnosis individuals.

The Birt Group, Inc.’s Wheaton alcohol and drug counseling & intervention services is conveniently located next to the DuPage County Judicial Center. We accept all major credit cards, except American Express, checks, and cash as payment for alcohol and drug counseling & intervention services.