“I valued learning more about all of this – alcohol, substances, abuse & dependency & consequences.  I also valued the time that we were just able to talk about our experiences & ask questions. ~ Client, Oswego, IL

Illinois certified alcohol and drug counseling is a mental health service that specializes in the addictive process and its effects on the individual, family, and society. Alcohol and drug counseling can also address co-existing issues with family, relationships, spirituality, mental health, physical health, education, employment, and legal matters.

An addiction is not a behavior problem that can be changed through punishment. It requires an appropriate treatment plan. Our Illinois certified alcohol and drug counseling staff will help a person develop an appropriate treatment plan that motivates that person to make positive changes in their life.

Illinois Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor and attorney, Erin Birt,  and her staff provide private alcohol and drug counseling to people that are concerned about their alcohol and drug abuse, addiction, or recovery. For those that have already suffered legal consequences as a result of alcohol and drugs, such as a DUI arrest in Illinois, we offer court approved Illinois DUI Risk Education classes and court approved DUI Counseling.

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